Find Out What is Holding You Back From the Life You Wish You Had – and Change It

If something cannot be proven scientifically, does that mean that it doesn’t exist? Many people might say “yes,” but think about it for a moment. Every year, scientists discover new things. Those new discoveries certainly existed before researchers found them.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction can be described as “like attracts like.” The underlying belief has existed for thousands of years. The oft-said phrase “what goes around, comes around” is actually referring to the Law of Attraction. If you think positive thoughts, you will perform positive actions and have positive outcomes. If all your thoughts are negative, you can expect negative outcomes. The Bible, Buddhist teachings and New Thought philosophy are only a few examples of teachings that emphasize the importance of controlling your thoughts and not allowing negativity to rule your life.

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

At some point, there may be conclusive scientific evidence that the Law of Attraction is a true scientific fact. Quantum physics appears to be closing in on this proof, but that isn’t really meaningful to most people. Even if the math proving the case was given to everyone, how many people understand quantum physics?

Anecdotal evidence is the opposite of scientific evidence. When someone reaches a conclusion based upon their personal experiences or the experiences of others, this is anecdotal evidence. When a person is considered wise because of their many life experiences, their decisions are based upon anecdotal evidence. Ultimately, it’s a matter of faith. If the principles behind the Law of Attraction are true, then it benefits people to follow them.


Putting the Law of Attraction to Work in Your Life

Professional and Financial Success: Athletes commonly visualize or mentally rehearse their event, “seeing” themselves overcoming obstacles and winning. Successful entrepreneurs have confidence that they will succeed. It would be difficult to find a successful person in any field who always believed they would fail.

Health: In medicine, there has long been something known as the placebo effect. People receiving only sugar pills instead of the real drug become healthier. Stress, fear and worry are all negative feelings that adversely affect health. Doctors often tell patients that they need to reduce the stress in their lives in order to improve their health and reduce the chance of a heart attack.

Relationships: Some people seem to have one bad relationship after another while others have successful, positive relationships. If you focus on what you dislike in a person, you will generally see more of what you expect. Marriage counselors often ask couples to tell each other three things that they like about the other person, not what they dislike. People generally respond well to truthful compliments or positive feelings. On the other hand, constant disapproval seldom results in positive changes.

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